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I Found My Dream Woman

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If you’re thinking you’re seeing double, fear not. I’ve merely gone and updated this comic, which initially showcased the qualities and quirks I was looking for in a so-called dream woman. Now, for those with the math skills of an empty bucket, let’s tally up how Tara’s done:

19 red check marks
7 nopes
3 sorta/unclears

The swing-and-a-miss on the X-men knowledge is also debatable. We can’t quite remember if she initially knew it or not. No biggie. I, too, am getting rusty on my…Gambit trivia.

Anyways, back when I posted the original comic a few folks thought I was being too nitpicky, too particular, aiming higher than a mountaintop and then some, but for those I can only say neener-neener, a bag full of wieners. I aimed high, I found my dream woman, and I’ve never had such a public relationship before so go on…enjoy the view. It’s pretty good from over here.

All we did was thread the eye
Of the silver splinter
We simply planted the seed
And nursed it through the winter

– “Genesis” by Forgive Durden

Written by Paul

October 22, 2008 at 7:50 pm