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Authors I Love to Read, Part One

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This was a ton of fun to draw and color, and I definitely plan to do another round sometime soon. Cause you seriously can’t believe that I, bookworm and admitted bibliophile, only love to read nine authors, right? There’s a bunch more waiting in the wings. If that’s all right with y’all. See, authors don’t get a lot of face time–they are wordsmiths, crafters and creators, fingers on a keyboard, with the occasion video interview popping up every now and then. So this is me doing my part, whatever it is in the big scheme of things.

Also, is it a by-the-books sort of thing for authors to wear glasses AND a dark t-shirt for their media shots? Hmm?

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Written by Paul

October 27, 2008 at 10:49 pm

Site Stats Are a Mountain to Climb

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Bonus laughs if you know what my last name means in Italian…and bonus bonus laughs if you know the meaning of my first name. Irony is a cruel kitten, and I’ll leave you to your research.

So yeah, seeing as today’s comic is all about site stats and folks reading my journal comics, I’m gonna put on the puppy eyes and ask that if you like my work–which, for all purposes at the moment, is basically a colored journal comic a day–then how about sharing this appreciation with the universe? The truth is I have a very small readership (no crying, I less than three all of you as if you were tuna sandwiches or unagi rolls!), but a little link to here can’t ever hurt and will only assist me in achieving the status of Supreme Being or something akin to that. Plus, I love comments…so let’s get more commenters up in this shack!

This is me sucking a self-promotion. Please help.

I’ll tell you how the story’s told
I always wanted so much more
And way on down the road
I caught a glimpse of the sunlight

– “So Far” by Buckcherry

Written by Paul

October 27, 2008 at 7:01 pm