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Throwing Stuff Away

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So, let’s just get to the topic you really want to discuss with today’s comic: that Chimnea tealight holder. I believe it came from one of my mother’s students (she teaches monsters…I mean kindergarten kids) and that means when it comes to gift-time, she gets the short end of the stick. Sometimes she makes out okay. A WaWa gift card, perhaps. Most of the time she gets the unexplainable or a scented candle. Yet, this magnificently molded tealight holder, well…it really did make you pause and ponder your place in the universe. To the horror of my father (actually, he never knew), Momma Dukes was going to just throw it away, but I quickly snapped at the chance to have it.


Can’t say. Call me a packrat or call me compulsive. I wanted it, and then I put it on top of my fridge for a few months, watching it collect dust like everything else does in this closet I live in. Well, today I realized what I could do with it. THROW IT AWAY.

…Oh? That wasn’t what interested you the most? Was it the duck sauce? The cond–whoops, sorry folks, we’re outta time! Talk amongst yourselves.

Written by Paul

August 4, 2008 at 11:43 pm