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#395 – Alligator Arms

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Here’s the third golfing comic I promised y’all way back when. Ah, old people and their archaic terms. The worst part of this was that I began to think about my arms more when I’d get up to the tee to swing and it would totally put a funk on me. I sliced left, I sliced right, I dug down behind the ball, I topped it the entire fairway. Mmm, again, unsolicited advice? Of any kind? No thanks, no thanks, and no thanks.

Well, here we are everybody. The end of July. Starting tomorrow, the comics process is changing. In due time, comics for every day will be up and here on the site, but y’all will just have to be a bit patient. I hope none of you leave me for thinner, more sexy journal comics that put out on the first date. I’m worth the wait, I swear!

Why I just made this all into a sexual analogy, I have no idea…

See you in the future!

Snapple Real Facts #149: Theodore Roosevelt was the only president blind in one eye.

Then I look up at the sky
My mouth is open wide lick and taste
What’s the use in worrying, what’s the use in hurrying
Turn turn we almost become dizzy

– “Dancing Nancies” by Dave Matthews Band

Written by Paul

July 31, 2008 at 12:00 am

#380 – Storm Watchers

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This storm floated in the first night of vacation at the beach house. It was pretty cool, watching the lightning flashes and all, but being on the boards all by yourself (save for the lone bicyclist) around one in the morning is a wee bit freaky. Totally worth it though.

I guess I should mention that today I’m a wee bit older, even though I don’t really want to. Quarter of a century, folks. D got me this little book of Snapple Real Facts, which I’ll be tossing in these posts. So, you better enjoy them…or you won’t gain any knowledge! Take that!

And in future news, today I will eat some cake.

Snapple Real Fact #74: You share your birthday with at least a million other people.

On a Tuesday in the rain,
I never thought there’d come a day.
I never thought there’d come a day, yea.
If I put myself to the test,
would I ever raise a fist.
Would I just shut my mouth,
would I just block it out.

– “Nervous in the Alley” by Less Than Jake

Written by Paul

July 10, 2008 at 12:00 am

#379 – Complex Story

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Yet another example of how strangers just love to say whatever is on their mind when I’m nearby. Anyways, embarrassed and slightly blushing, Tara and I did our best to distance ourselves from this lady. And before you jump to conclusions: No, I don’t beat her up. In public or behind closed doors.

Or do I?

Er, moving on. Some things to post about today:

Thing 1. I’m starting a new fictional webcomic called Fortuitous Twist, but the site is mostly empty for the moment as I’m just in the baby stages of getting it together. I don’t know. I’d like to think if you’re a fan of my journal comics then you’ll like what FT is all about. I’m not gonna lie and say it hasn’t been swimming in my brain for a very long time. Who really knows? How about you just be super awesome and favorite/bookmark/RSS it so I feel loved?

Thing 2. The Girlfriend needs some help. Her laptop is overheating and just not doing generally well. She’s put together a petition that explains why she needs a solid, working machine (comics don’t make themselves, people!). Go sign it here and show your support!

Thing 3. I swear there was a third thing I wanted to post about, but I can’t remember it now. Grrr. I must be getting older or something…

Snapple Real Facts #168: One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.

He’s a real nowhere man
Sitting in his nowhere land
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody

– “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles

Written by Paul

July 9, 2008 at 12:00 am