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#355 – Books That Make Me Cry

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…and here’s why:

For A Separate Peace, it’s the moment Gene learns about Finny’s doleful fate.

For High Fidelity, it’s the part where Rob Fleming talks about his birthday plans for when he turns thirty-six (it involves renting Robocop 2) and the love only parents can really give back to their children.

For The Gold Cell, it’s the poem “Saturn,” which is about Sharon Olds’s father eating his children limb by limb.

Also, I hit a possum tonight with my car. Its fate is unknown. That makes me a bit weepy too. I didn’t mean it, little possum! You scared the frakking shit out of me and I had no time to brake!

Ugh, today’s post is BEYOND emo.

I’m sorry life isn’t perfect
but I promise we won’t starve
in a small dark apartment with big bright hearts

– “Don’t Try This at Home” by Punchline

Written by Paul

May 21, 2008 at 12:00 am