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Being Sick Leads to Acronym Fun

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Got any favorite acronyms? I’ve always enjoyed ASAP, just because it can be fun to say. Also, WTF and FUBAR, while not always people-friendly, get an approving nod from me. Still, if SOUP were an actual acronym for helping the ill get better, mine would be: Sandwich…Obduracy…Unicorn Magic…and Playstation 2.

She walks to the mailbox each morning at nine
Every day she begins she’s always one day behind
At least when it comes to the mail

– “Bloodshot” by Jack’s Mannequin


Written by Paul

October 3, 2008 at 5:39 pm

GameStop Employees Are Braindead Teenagers

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Note: they’re braindead, but not zombies. Calling them zombies would be too complimentary. Vegetables have served me with better grace than my local GameStop masters. I only shop there out of convenience; the moment a better store closer by opens up, I’m there.

Wanna take a guess at what game I bought? It’s for the PlayStation 2, it involves collecting a bunch of clockwork artifacts, and it is led by a rather uncouth raccoon with a habit for slinking around and whacking people with his cane. Yes, hopefully you’ve got it all figured out now. If not, well…go ask your local GameStop employee.

Written by Paul

August 29, 2008 at 9:16 pm