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#357 – Recession Check

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Officially my second letter stating that my check was coming soon. Gee, thanks. How ’bout you just send me the check, IRS people? Hmm? Well, the letter said I should be getting it by today though I won’t be able to check my mail until I return to my apartment late Monday. So, really, it doesn’t matter. For now. I’m still not spending the money in my head until I have the actual check in my hands…but I’m toying with the idea of a laptop (cause it really is silly for me to think I’d ever buy a new videogame system when I barely have time to play anything nowadays as is)…

The weekend is here. Yay! I have Monday off from worky work, which means no new comic until Tuesday. As they’d say in that big British land across the pond, I’m taking a holiday. I’m also making the big drive down to South Jersey to enjoy the next three days with Momma Dukes, Dadster, and D. There will be wine and games and sleep and relaxing and DSing and just mmm doing a lot of nothing as well. Clearly, I’m excited.

But what about y’all? Any big plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

Over here the ladies all want sweet perfume
But there’s never a rose
And over the roses are frightened to bloom
So they never can grow

– “Lost in the Habour” by Tom Waits

Written by Paul

May 23, 2008 at 12:00 am