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Counting Bra Straps in Church Because I Can

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I was walking along some downtown avenue
I was whistling a new song to myself
And it went, it went something like this one
But I just couldn’t make it end

– “Hearts of Oak” by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Written by Paul

December 24, 2008 at 9:54 pm

#359 – Entering Victoria’s Secret

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Mmm yeah, it’s as if everything in Victoria’s Secret is seemingly laced with plutonium or sulfuric acid. I kid, I kid. It’s not that bad. Well, maybe.

But enough about that. Let’s get on to the real meat of today’s post. And that would be? Why, Italian Spiderman, of course:

Did you watch it? Huh? It’s both ridiculous and awesome, sort of like an extra super large jumbo sandwich brimming with extra cheese and pickles! I would totally watch this if it were a movie. Oh wait. It sort of really is one. More like a made for-the-web TV show, with the first episode here, which is even more awesomer (not a word) than the trailer leads one to believe. All I’m gonna say is that it ends with a blast and that Toby Maguire really needs to be packing a pump-action shotgun in Spiderman 4. Needless to say, I’m a follower.

Lingerie and bad Italian mustaches. You really do get it all here at MyLifeComics

Fill these spaces up with days
in my room you can go you can stay
I can’t sleep
I can’t speak to you, I can’t sleep
now these years locked on my drawer
I’ll open to see just to be sure

– “Sleep” by Azure Ray

Written by Paul

May 28, 2008 at 12:00 am