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#378 – Asthma Sucks

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Momma Dukes, look away! And Lisa really didn’t want me to draw this misunderstood happening, but alas, she’s off gallivanting in Las Vegas at the moment, probably marrying some random poolboy RIGHT NOW before the chapels close for the evening, and there’s nothing she can do to stop me. Yes, I like the power I have very much so. Just consider me the journal comic version of the Hulk: “You wouldn’t like me…when I’m drawing.”

Two more workdays to go! TWO!

Question of the day: How many more workdays to go?

We all know someone who’s always hurtin’
The sun is shining they draw the curtain
One thing for certain
The pain ain’t gonna stop
You get right down to the bottom of the barrel
And then you float back on top

– “Bottom of the Barrel” by Amos Lee

Written by Paul

June 26, 2008 at 12:00 am

Posted in comics, games, health, violently vulgar

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