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I Beat Shadow of the Colossus

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Bitsy, Shadow of the Colossus is the game you were watching me play a couple Christmases ago, the one with the dude and the horse and the scary, giant behemoths stomping around. Yes, I finally beat it. I had to use a guide, but even then it was still a grueling experience. Died many a times. Bruised my thumbs up. But it was worth it.

Shadow of the Colossus is a pristine example of when a videogame can be both art and entertainment. The stark beauty of the landscapes, the sheer emptiness of it all is worth your time. The story is a bit light, but does come to fruition by the end. Then the Colossi themselves are mind-blowing. Giant, moving puzzles. Imagine your favorite boss battles. Did you come up with 16? Well, that’s what this game basically is. A shame I waited so long to really experience it…

Written by Paul

August 11, 2008 at 7:32 pm

REVIEW: The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Unthemed anthologies really are a beautiful thing. And The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Ellen “the queen of anthology editors in America” Datlow, despite bearing a rather generic title, is a pristine example. The sixteen short stories within are accessible and enjoyable, covering a wide range of topics and beguiling ideas from well-known authors like Elizabeth Bear, Laird Barron, and Jeffrey Ford, as well as upcoming writers in the field, namely Lavie Tidhar and Anna Tambour.

Click below for my thoughts on all sixteen stories…

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Written by Paul

June 12, 2008 at 9:32 pm

#362 – Fired Teenager

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Welcome to June, everybody!

Quiznos should be really thankful that I did not rob them. Or eat their entire stash of side pickles. One of those options. Regardless, I had run of the store for a whole ten minutes and all I did was sway and listen to a string of profanities being sung outside about how the world sucks and managers are all just a bunch of Satanists. Ah, to be young again!

Question of the day: Have you ever been fired from a job before?

Me? Nope. Never have had to go through that process. Hope I never will as it doesn’t seem fun…

In writing news, Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic, which contains my futurepunk horseracing tale of woe “The Sport of Kings,” received a nice (though succinct) writeup from the Midwest Book Review. It recommends the anthology for community library collections, which is great news indeed! Go, sporty book, go!

Life is but a memory, happened long ago
Theater full of sadness, for a long forgotten show
Seems so easy, just to let it go on by
Till you stop and wonder, why you never wondered why

– “Fruit Tree” by Nick Drake

Written by Paul

June 2, 2008 at 12:03 am

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