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Ghosting Around

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I’ve been wanting to draw some new MyLifeComics as of late, but it just isn’t happening…on both a physical and mental level. I even took notes to do hourly comics for last Saturday, but meh. Can’t do it. Need more cowbell or something. Plus, I’ve been focusing on Supertown and writing thingies. But I did manage to crank out two ghost-themed comics tonight for y’all. Enjoy:

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January 14, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Still working on that dang card game, alas

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So, yeah, that card game I’ve been working on for over two years, unofficially called Paranormal Activity, is going through its fourth iteration. But that’s okay because I’m finally at a place where I think 1) the rules work and 2) the game is fun. Granted, I’ve only playtested it two times in the past 730 days because I’m not pushy about it. Also, this is where I will lament my losership and severe lack of friends.

Anyways, with the rules nearly where I want them, I’ve gone and redesigned certain card types to make it easier to understand and less cluttered:

Mockup-GhostMockup-GhostHunterMockup-EventMockup-EquipmentThe game is a clear mix of Munchkin, Magic the Gathering, and Star Wars CCG. Hopefully, one day, every one of you readers will get to play it. It’ll probably be completed in 2089. You know, when I’ll be dead. Until then, keep an eye out for ghosts. Mine especially.

Written by Paul

July 30, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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Are You Dead?

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Some days I just wonder…

Also, curses, I forgot to draw in Osama bin Laden. I’d like to know about his status, too. Don’t you?

Baby, baby don’t treat me this way
I’m gonna make it again someday
There’s just one thing I’d like you to know
I got no more to lose if you go

– “Don’t Let Me Down Again” by Fleetwood Mac

Written by Paul

May 27, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Don’t Know What’s Inside the Black Box

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Check out those acute geography skills in panel one. If only New Jersey and Australia were neighbors, if only. Then I could actually visit Hobbiton and be with my people.

Anyways, Black Box is a multimedia CD publication from Brimstone Press that features short fiction (drabbles, really), artwork, and music from a slew of contributors. To name a few from the author lineup, there’s Lucy Sussex, Mikal Trimm, Jay Caselberg, Lee Battersby, Jason Sizemore, and me, of course.


My published piece is a quick bit of dark flash called “Something” that is another go at the theme of scary shit under the water that I can’t seem to escape in much of my writing. Oh well. It works for some people.

I haven’t tried to run the CD on my aging PC yet, but if it worked there then that would be Irony with a capital i. Will keep all you die-hard fans up-to-date…

Every day ends in wasted motion
Just crossed swords on the killing floor
To settle back is to settle without knowing
The hard edge that you’re settling for

– “Jackson Cage” by Bruce Springsteen

Written by Paul

December 15, 2008 at 6:54 pm

New Old Houses Hold Many Secrets

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Better watch out, Sean, Ellen, and kitty cats…Hallowe’en approaches. Hope you’re enjoying the place and that no one fell down those deathtraps you call staircases

REMINDER: I’m posting TWO comics a day until the week is over. Check below for an earlier comic!

Can everything in some way help us understand
From mathematical problems to rubber bands
And can we say it’s wrong altogether
The world goes on forever
It still looks big

– “Big” by Less Than Jake

Written by Paul

September 27, 2008 at 6:04 pm

#320 – Ghost Hunters, the Card Game

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The card game, originally dubbed Ghost Hunters, is still a work-in-progress as it needs a little more playtesting (ahem) before I decide if it succeeds more than it fails. I’d call it a mix of the Star Wars CCG, the Lord of the Rings CCG, and Munchkin. D seemed to like it, but one-on-one proved to be no challenge for capturing ghosts, especially since once she got one under her belt the two that followed were like stealing candy for a baby ghost. So yeah, I have a few more ideas that I want to toy with, but I’m liking what I’ve got here and who knows, if I can get it further along I might just try and find someone to publish it…

Also, this isn’t the first game I’ve created on my own. Simply said, I have a lot of free time and little money. This is how I entertain myself…well, one of the ways. There’s also writing, drawing, and music-making. Okay, enough out of me. I need coffee.

Today’s question: What’s your favorite game (boardgame or otherwise) from your childhood?

Mine would be Mastermind. Bitsy and I used to play it all the time, despite me never being terribly great at it.

All at once the ghosts come back
Reeling in you now
What if they came down crushing
Remember when I used to play for
All of the loneliness that nobody
Notices now

– “#41” by Dave Matthews Band

Written by Paul

April 3, 2008 at 8:41 am

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#176 – Ghost Hunting

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So, it wasn’t as eventful as one might have expected it to be. The second group really annoyed me though. It consisted a team leader and a couple of n00bs like myself. Except these were the sorts that “felt something” immediately upon stepping in the cemetery, and that’s when they got “disoriented” and the “air got real heavy.” Shut the ^*%# up, people. Yes, I believe in ghosts. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to overreact to every change in the wind or flicker of light in the distance. In other words, they were trying to hard to have a ghostly experience.

I did, however, keep finding myself drawn to some strange headstones. The ones I kept stopping in front of were ones were the person’s birth year was etched in on the left, but the death year wasn’t there yet. Either the person hadn’t died yet or something else happened so that they were buried elsewhere. Strange stuff.

Anyways, it’s all rainy and cold here in New Jersey. I’m about to go and make some hot chocolate. In August. Do you think there’s something wrong with that?

Written by Paul

August 21, 2007 at 12:41 pm