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It’s Getting Autumny Out

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The chibi version of me at the end was inspired by a recent sketch I did in the same style:

I think there’s something wrong with me, as I have an odd compulsion to want to draw myself like this for the continuation of the comics. Don’t worry; I won’t. But I got a burning to…

Written by Paul

August 28, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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#336 – NY Comic Con 2008, Part 2

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Oh, look! Another comic about Comic Con! And we’re not even done yet. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how my “leaving” went…

So, back in college, after a lovely night at a Blood Brothers concert, my friend Jaime “Hot Cakes” Schuh and I decided we needed to form a band. What kind of band, you ask? Why, a poppy techno screamo group called The Bubblegum Kisses. She wrote the lyrics, I made the music and screamed into a microphone. We had a MySpace page, but it somehow got deleted. Thankfully, she’s found all the songs again and has posted them for all to see. Personally, I think she’s trying to convince me to, as they say, get the band back together. Maybe maybe! So, if you want to know what it is like to be me and be bored and have recording equipment at your disposal, well, here you go:

The Bubblegum Kisses E.P.
1. Cake
2. Breast Milk
3. Hatchet Tooth

Remember, we were bored. Mighty, mighty bored. But “Cake” still makes me laugh…

Written by Paul

April 24, 2008 at 12:01 am

#335 – NY Comic Con 2008, Part 1

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I have nothing to say here that isn’t said in the above comic. More to come, too…

I have, however, created a Flickr account and stolen photos from everyone else and put them up there for y’all to enjoy as if I myself am some sort of photographer extraordinare. I am not. The six photos I actually took are laughable at best. Go here to see ’em! The good photos, people, not the ones I actually snapped.

Written by Paul

April 23, 2008 at 12:01 am

#330 – That Question

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You know, THAT question. The one I seem to get asked aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time. More times than not, something comic-worthy will happen and someone will ask if I’m going to draw about it. It is then at that exact moment that I decide I will not draw about it. I guess I don’t like being predictable. Or something. So yeah. There’s that.

Now on to an important manner. I gots me some fan art from Tara (see above), and I appear to have transformed into a handsome, young man:

This was another good moment from the night that I thought about drawing. I’ve decided that being indecisive is a-okay, Get it? Pffft, I thought that was funny.

NY Comic Con 2008 plans are almost final. Will update everyone for sure when I got it all settled. I know, I know. You all want to meet me.

So you can sit on chimneys
Put some fire up your ass
No need to know what you’re doing or looking for
But if anyone should ask
Tell them I’ve been cooking coconut skins
And we’ve been hanging out
Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins
And relieve us our doubt
La la la la la la la…

– “Coconut Skins” by Damien Rice

Written by Paul

April 17, 2008 at 12:13 am