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The First Snowflake of the Season

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Made you look! Sideways.

Question of the day: So…snow, love it or hate it?

Personally, I’m a big lover. From the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips to Lucy’s first experience in Narnia, snow has always played an important part in many things that I like. My mother hates it and lets this fact be quite known; I merely sympathize with her as much as I can, but otherwise I lurve it. Speaking of Narnia, here’s a photo from two years ago of what my apartment complex looks like all covered in snow:


There seems to be a possibility that we might have a white Christmas this year as well. That’d be yummy, very much so.

I’d throw rose petals at her feet
And feed her all that she could eat
A thousand kisses I would send her
I’d make her be my valentine
I’d wash my mouth with turpentine
I’d even like her if she changed her gender

– “Erin with an ‘E'” by The Impossibles

Written by Paul

November 18, 2008 at 6:38 pm

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Reading Books

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Feel free to nominate today’s comic for the Best Action Scene in a Comic Strip award. Or, if you’re feeling extra spicy, give it a nudge towards the Outstanding Achievement in Reading in a Leading Role award. Really, I’d be happy with either on my mantle. Not that I have a mantle, but one of these days…

Question of the day: Read anything good lately? A book, magazine, an online article? A simply stunning laundry mat receipt? I’m all ears.

One day, left me for the dead
Woke up on the floor, time for another one
Two days, she’s leavin’ me again, can’t take it no more
Out through the open door

– “Days of the Week” by Stone Temple Pilots

Written by Paul

November 18, 2008 at 12:17 am

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