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The Only Piece of Jewelry

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Two things: (1) I freaked my sister out with this, and (2) I think I’m growing up.

Actually, I do like to wear stupid beady necklaces like this in the summer time, but to call that jewelry is to call televised BINGO…um, exciting? I don’t know. No high school/college class ring, no studded nosering, no ear plugs, no pierced belly button, no anklets, no bracelets, no gold chains or silver chains or bronze chains, no blood diamonds, no Prince Alberts…

You say we’re both little people and you like it that way
But in time I’m gonna put this body to shame (and grow old)
Where a suit like my old man
Pack up all my things and get my tail out of town

– “Big City Dreams” by NeverShoutNever!

Written by Paul

September 13, 2008 at 9:20 pm

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Wine Tasting on a Gorgeous Afternoon

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This one just felt like it needed color. So I colored it. Don’t get too comfy with this sort of thing.

Anyways, the wine-tasting event was pretty good. I tried some whites and some reds, with my favorite probably being the Merlot of the bunch. The selection of cheeses was limited, but they were good to snack on. I didn’t go for the brie, but D braved the scene. Eventually, a newscrew from Channel 4 showed up, but Mom, D, and I were deemed too unfilmable and were ignored like the dregs in the bottom of an empty bottle. Oh wells, we tried. Or didn’t, really. The best part of the event was how laid-back it was, just sitting outside in the warm air, listening to live music, sipping wine and talking wine and all things wine-related. Look, we’re a wine family. There’s no way around it; we didn’t used to be, but we are now. So drink up!

All of the work is begun
The babies comes one by one
We lie in the midday sun
And say that this is a miracle that we’re here today

– “Miracle” by Josh Rouse

Written by Paul

September 13, 2008 at 8:09 pm