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#392 – Forgot Your Cake

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Mmm cake. I miss it, actually. It provided desserts for a good six to seven days, and I kid thee not when I say it was bigger than Tara’s head. Want proof? Check out how it compares to my DS and Commerce Bank receipt:

A few more things about the upcoming changes to MyLifeComics. I’m going to stop numbering these because, while my ego gets a total stroke out of just how much I produce, it is not at all accurate and will soon grow further and further away from genuine accuracy. Yes, I’m that anal. This will be the last week of the “old school” style. And for the naysayers, back off. I appreciate the concern, but not the unsolicited advice. This is my baby, not yours.

Also, the third page of chapter one for Fortuitous Twist is now online: love it up!

Snapple Real Facts #109: Smelling bananas and/or apples can help you lose weight.

I need a dream, I need a bigger dream
Tell me if you know what I mean
I wanna live, I wanna live in your camera
Take a picture of my heart with you

– “Evidence” by Joseph Arthur

Written by Paul

July 28, 2008 at 12:00 am