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The Return of the Jedi/King/Hobbit

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Well, I’m back. As shown below, vacation has been had:

(Copyright goes to Bitsy, sneaky photographer extraordinaire)

So yeah, I’m back and burned and bummed about no more vacation and brimming with ideas for comics and new thingies and whatnot. There will be no update tomorrow as I…well, cause I said so. But come Wednesday, y’all will get your MyLifeComics fix for sure! I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July weekend or if you aren’t a fan or inhabitant of the U.S.A. a really swell weekend regardless. It’s back to the daily haul…

Seems the time has come for banging our feet to the ground
Seems the time has come to see if the world is round
Sweep the smoke away
Reach the earth today
But if the world is all wrong
I won’t be staying long
Keep it cool inside, if it’s strange, outside

– “Outside” by Nick Drake

Written by Paul

July 7, 2008 at 6:50 pm