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#363 – Tara’s Dad’s Birthday Dinner

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That’s right. For once, my memory has failed me. I blame the fact that too many moments built up in my mind and then, sorta like a balloon with too much air (no, I’m not saying I’m full of hot air), pop it went. Or is that a weasel? Moving on…

I remember wine, laughs, quiet moments, awkward unearthings, text messages, bugs in the airs, dogs at our feet, food on our plates (BBQ shrimp and pasta salad and roasted veggies mmm yum), blueberry crumble pie that was crumb-buh-lievable, faux phone calls from imaginary neighbors, Romeo below the balcony, and a somewhat heated discussion of politics which I, being a journalism major and all, politely stayed out of. It’s amazing my head doesn’t explode more often with all the shtuff I keep in it.

Question of the day: I’ve got nothing. How about you ask me something? Anything at all.

If things get real for me down here
Promise to take me back to the tune
We played before you went away

– “The Sound of White” by Missy Higgins

Written by Paul

June 3, 2008 at 12:00 am