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#338 – Reflection, with Dishes

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And with today’s comic strip, the integrity of MyLifeComics goes down a notch. Not a big notch, but a smidgen. That’s what I get for thinking too much while washing the dishes…

I also hope you get the title. It’s meant to be a parody of things like “Dog, with Bowl” and “Still Life, with Fruit”. That comma has a purpose, I tell you. It is meant to be looked upon, it is meant to be paused on. At least for comic effect. Bah, nevermind. Bunch of simpletons.

If you’re wondering what happened the morning after in the hotel room in New York (and I know you all are!), well…nothing happened. We “woke” up, made like zombies and got ready, and then walked back to the convention center where I made my grand departure. From there, I took the ferry home and then proceeded to slip into a 6-hour coma. So, yeah. Not much to be missed.

It’s cold and rainy here. How’s your Monday so far?

We know of an ancient radiation
That haunts dismembered constellations,
A faintly glimmering radio station.
While Frank Sinatra sings “Stormy Weather,”
The flies and spiders get along together,
Cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

– “Frank Sinatra” by Cake

Written by Paul

April 28, 2008 at 8:40 am