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#319 – Beyond Advice

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I don’t play many sports, mostly because I get very turned off by their competitive nature. Now, that does not mean I’m not competitive (I can be), but in sports everything is taken up a couple hundred notches. In high school, I was pressured into signing up for the golf team. Immediately, I knew I was out of place as I watched everyone claim they could out-drive one another and began putting some monetary bets on these beliefs. I did not participate. Tryouts came and went, and I did not make the team. I was secretly both relieved and ecstatic. I continued to go to class with a lot of the golf team members, listening to their stories of woe or brags of might, and I really couldn’t understand. When I golf now, I like it to just be me and my father. Sometimes just me. Bringing in other people is a wager, and these were the sorts that I had gone to high school with. Still concerned about beer and betting on who was the better golfer…nope, not for me. And unsolicited advice is something that really grates my cheese. I don’t hand my own out; therefore, don’t give me any. I’m not looking to be the next Tiger Woods. I just want to play a little golf, feel good if I sink a long putt, and be content with all of that.

Also, calling me a “big guy” is an easy way to get me to hate you. Don’t effing do it.

So, what’s your favorite sport?

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April 2, 2008 at 8:43 am

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