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#301 – Everything’s a Little Something

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Well, not today today. But a few todays ago. Got it? Good. Today today is just a little colder.

Um, these first photos from the upcoming film version of Watchmen, yeah…they get me all hot and bothered. In a good way. Except for Osymandias. He reminds me of that horrible Batman suit that George Clooney wore. You know, the suit that had nipples.

Would I could afford to buy my love a fine gown
Made of gold and silk Arabian thread
But I am dead and gone and lying in a church ground
But still I push my barrow all the day
Still I push my barrow all the day

“Eli, the Barrow Boy” by The Decemberists

Written by Paul

March 6, 2008 at 9:39 am

5 Responses

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  1. Today is a little bit cleaner, for me! Sometimes, in Phx, I think the same sort of thing. THe sky is bluer, the mountains sharper against it.
    Staff mtg this morning and then work, and then an afternoon mtg, then Brandy’s, then SURVIVOR and DSing. 2 things to get me through an otherwise long day.


    March 6, 2008 at 9:57 am

  2. I’m amazed you can get out of bed after what happened to you yesterday! Ugh! Enjoy your long day. I need to clean when I get home so the ‘rents don’t think I’m a total slob. Then it is LOST and some DS-ing.


    March 6, 2008 at 10:16 am

  3. Brighter, larger, and louder in a good way? Or a bad way? It kinda seems bad. I hate when things/people are loud.

    You can’t possibly be excited about this Watchmen movie…if you are please teach me how…because I am in the depths of despair about it. They are SO going to f’ it up. Oh and I’m so glad they really went out and got a super talented director to handle such delicate and complicated material. His work on the Oscar winning 300 really gives me confidence. We can all hear my sentences are dripping with sarcasm right? Okay, good, just checking.


    March 6, 2008 at 10:48 am

  4. It’s the kid in me! After X-men and Spiderman, I no longer put too much effort into expecting a lot from comics-based movies. This one, I think, has the potential to be either a hit or a big flop. Some of the costumes look iffy, and others, like Rorsch, look spot on. I dunno.

    I think maybe you have to like wearing spandex to be excited for these sorts of films?

    No, no. That’s not it…


    March 6, 2008 at 10:55 am

  5. Y’know I loved X-Men and X-Men United – I thought they were both great examples of a nice marriage between comics and film, in that you can rarely do a straight adaptation successfully since they are such different mediums, but Singer kept what was important and wonderful and lost what he had to…but most the others, oi. Really bad. And really sad. I can’t stand to see them take books I love apart at the seams. However, David Fincher is doing Black Hole, which has the potential to be amazing. In the hands of a great director I can’t help but be giddy as a school boy about comic adaptations…in the hands of the hack that directed 300? I have no hope, great costumes or no…


    March 6, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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