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#282 – Dogsitting

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First, here’s my new rule on colored comics. I will only color them when I a) feel like it or b) have the time to. So there. If you see one in black-and-white, just know that I was busy and it isn’t necessarily a reflection on my lurve for all of you.

Second, let’s ignore my horrible renditions of the doggies and just look at a couple of photos. Here’s Penny, sleeping how she loves to sleep:

I plan on submitting the above photo to a bunch of XXX-rated websites.

Next we have Cash, chilling on her little red jacket which is above and beyond a pain to put on her. If she doesn’t get her foot through the little arm sleeve on the first go, it is all over.

And last we have Phooka, a cat that is impossible to photograph…

These are like the best pets, and if Pam isn’t too careful I may one day steal Penny, hop the border at Mexico, and turn ourselves into a legendary crime fighting duo that chase down thieves and robbers. Really, we’d be called the Two Ps or something. Oh oh oh! Penny Dreadful and P-man. Dang, I think I seriously might have to do this…

Written by Paul

February 7, 2008 at 9:41 am