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#229 – Great Start

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It’s hard to depict the traffic scene that I got involved in, but here’s the deal: I just got stuck in an awkward spot because traffic going left to right suddenly became jammed. They blocked my way. This put me out in the open blocking other cars, but there was nowhere I could go. I had fully expected to make my left hand turn just before the light turned red, but noooooooooo. There was no room for me to go left. And then some old geezer yelled at me and showed me his middle finger. Gah. I hate construction up here.

Oh, and I’m completely shocked to be saying this, but last night’s Chuck was FAR better than Heroes. FAR, FAR, FAR BETTER. You know, you give Peter amnesia (or whatever the Haitian does to people), you make him want to find the box to figure out who he is, then you make him not open the box so he can kiss an Irish lass, and then you send him one year into the future where his mother says one word–remember–and poof, it’s all coming back to him. How deus ex machina, how oh so convenient. And I thought the writers went on strike only yesterday…

Lastly, check out the ugly Mickey Mouse contest. So cruel, but kind of funny!

Written by Paul

November 6, 2007 at 9:37 am