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#217 – Halloweeny Dentist

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This week’s been pretty slow. Weekend is lookin’ to be somewhat busy, with two out of four family members visiting and a soup party…whatever that is. I don’t cook so I’m unsure of what to bring. I’m pretty positive I can’t show up with a can of Progressive soup and act like it’s nothing. Well, we’ll see. Tonight though is sleeeeeeeeeep. What are y’all up to?

Now, some pictures below the “read more” thingy. I took these last year, mind you, back when I had a working camera, but not much has changed since then. There might be a new headstone or severed hand here or there. Otherwise, this dentist knows what he likes and likes what he knows. The local press was taking photos the other day and interviewing him outside.

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Written by Paul

October 19, 2007 at 8:39 am