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#210 – Breaking Fifty

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Have you ever said something and known–especially as the words are tumbling out of your mouth–that you’re going to come off sounding like a total tool? Yet, you go through with it, hoping that maybe Lady Fate has served you wrong. Yeah, well…more times than not, you’re in the doghouse. The ironic thingy here is that later I learned I didn’t need to break a fifty…

Thank you to the mysterious WordPress ninjas that picked comic #209 to be featured on the front page yesterday. I appreciate it and always find it surprising when one of my wee comics makes it there. Still, the people that view ’em probably don’t like my comics–as none have come to tell me so–and are probably confused as to why it is where it is. Alas, I have no answer for that. But still, hi to any new readers?

Written by Paul

October 10, 2007 at 8:37 am