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#154 – Rained On

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This rain came out of nowhere. And see that short distance from my building to my car? Yeah, you got drenched. But we toughed it out. Hey, a boy’s gotta eat on the day after his birthday. The drive was worse though. Some parts of the highway were flooded, and me having a tiny car, I was worried you’d end up seeing me on the news later drifting down Route 46 or something.

After driving through some deep water my mother made me tap on the breaks a bazillion times to make sure they were workin’. She’s crazy. Also, she’s in the other room right now yelling to my father about something to do with cooking breakfast. Ah, good to be home.

Tonight I am seeing one of the few women that I’d actually propose to. I’ll let you ponder that one over the weekend…

Written by Paul

July 20, 2007 at 1:04 pm

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