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#151 – A New Order

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I had to do this one in color to show you all that I am in no way, shape, or form one of those Gryffindors. It seems that each and every time I take one of those “which house are you in?” quizzes I always end up being with Cho Chang in Ravenclaw. Well, actually, one time I was a Huffleclaw, which sounds dirtier than it actually is.

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @

Now, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is simply the worst movie of the bunch. It’s as if all the people behind it actually spat on the book. I understand things have to be cut. It is the largest book, and there are a couple of (somewhat) unimportant subplots. That is fine. My gripe is with the changes they made because it’s just going to ruin the franchise. A mini-list of things that bothered me:

  • Sirius was not killed by the Avada Kedavra curse.
  • Neville Longbottom could see the thestrals, along with Harry and Luna.
  • Lupin was supposed to be with the Order when they came to sneak Harry out of Privet Drive.
  • It is not revealed that Petunia has some knowledge of magic in the beginning.
  • Why couldn’t they have just explained the centaurs’ hostility toward Hogwarts so that when they carried off Umbridge it would have been oh so much more sweeter?
  • Firenze was supposed to be the new Divinations professor, that would have been the greatest.
  • Dobby finds the Room of Requirement, not Longbottom.
  • Yeah, at the end, Harry is supposed to go on a mad rampage in Dumbledore’s office. But they totally toned him down in the film. What happened to the whiny, angry boy that I remember from the book?
  • Kreacher didn’t deceive Harry, leading him to the Ministry. In fact, the pureblood-loving house elf was a complete waste of special effects.
  • The Occlumency scenes with Snape were cut severely short, probably because the directors didn’t want to make Harry’s father seem like a complete jerk. Newsflash: he was.
  • No Ron and Hermione as Prefects. Boo.
  • The attack on Mr. Weasley was supposed to eventually lead everyone to St. Mungo’s where we would learn more about Longbottom’s parents.
  • The prophecy isn’t fully heard.
  • It’s never revealed that Umbridge is the one that released the Dementors on Harry in the beginning, trying to discredit him. Man, I hate that woman.

Okay, this is enough for now. I’m starting to get depressed. What a terrible movie.


Written by Paul

July 17, 2007 at 1:15 pm

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  1. Whew Biff – take a chill pill. It wasn’t so bad it needed to be done in color. The movie got some things right – let’s be happy, k?! Umbridge was badass enough to make me hate her all over again. (I loved the kitty plates!). Luna Lovegood, or whatever her name is, did a fantastique job, non? Excellent. They did show Harry angrier than normal, which was better than his usual hapless, luck-driven attitude. It must be hard to relive your teen years as hostile, i love you, i hate you friends. Poor Hermione. Give her acting a break. You are just jealous b/c one movie = more money than you’ll ever see!
    The rest I sorta agree with, but come on. If they can leave out SPEW, then they can save prefects for next time, the full prophecy for next time, etc. CIao bello!


    July 17, 2007 at 2:04 pm

  2. Yes, they got some things right: namely Luna and Umbridge (though she could have looked more like a toad). But the bad outweighs the good. And yes, I am jealous rich folk. 😛


    July 17, 2007 at 2:17 pm

  3. hola p, i dig your stuff.
    thanks for taking a look @ mine.


    July 17, 2007 at 9:55 pm

  4. Cool, thanks for stopping by, Ryan.


    July 18, 2007 at 2:14 am

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