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#149 – Baby Talk

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I get a lot of my best material from riding elevators. See, many people can’t stand riding those three minutes up or down in muted silence and so they attempt to make small talk with whoever is around. Me, I just stare straight ahead and count in my head until it is time to get off. Some folks try to tell me about the weather, but I merely respond with a series of mumbles.

Luckily, I can listen to people’s conversations and then not feel like such a weirdo afterwards. Because, apparently when in an elevator, you can say whatever you want to someone. See what this lady said to him? What is wrong with people? Then again, it might have been the fellow’s fault for bringing up his kid. No one loves your kid more than you, buddy. Don’t ever forget that.

Weekend plans? Let me hear ’em.

Written by Paul

July 13, 2007 at 12:43 pm

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