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#117 – Grizzly Adams

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For some reason, and really I can’t understand or possibly begin to understand why this is so, people feel compelled to speak with me. Especially strangers. They see me, think something, open their mouth, and say what’s on their mind. Generally, I don’t reply, hoping they’ll get the hint. You know, as in, don’t talk to me or I’ll punch you in the neck hint hint. Alas, the majority of people I come into contact with are morons and continue on saying whatever idiotic shtuff that swirls in that cesspool of a brain.

And yes, maybe some women do like that Grizzly Adams look. Though he left his wife and children behind to go live solo in the mountains, Mr. James Adams did have a wife. See? Someone liked his look. Sheesh.


Written by Paul

May 30, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Posted in haircut

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